Saturday, April 17, 2010


Our beloved Holy Father celebrates his 83rd Birthday on 16th April,2010 and the 5th Anniversary of his Papacy on Monday 19th April, 2010. How apt that he should spend this period among the devout Catholic people of Malta the island of heroism in history past and not so distant. Malta stood firm against aggresive Mohammedans several hundred years ago, and against Nazi attackers in World War II. The Holy Father's visit commemorates the 1950th Anniversary of St. Paul's shipwreck on the island. It was here that he was bitten by a viper which secured itself firmly to his hand, but St. Paul shook it off into a fire.Despite the contrary expectations of the island's people he did not die, but remained unharmed and cured the father of the Governor Publius.He stayed three days on Malta enjoying the kindness of the people and preaching to them.
The Holy Father's visit is thus rich in symbolism at the present time. Heroically serene Benedict XVI is surrounded by the scoundrel vipers of the international media.He is unjustly and hypocritically attacked by  them on manifestly false bases.Nevertheless , they abandon all logic and rabidly continue their vile attacks. Just as Malta had to face Mohammedans and Nazis in the past, without the fullness of support she could have expected , so the Holy Father faces the enemies of Christ Our Lord; like the Lord Himself, without the support He could have expected from those who followed Him "from afar".

Well, Holy Father , we your flock know and love you and the "Voice of Christ"you bring to our sorry world - it is for this the World hates you AND WE LOVE YOU! May God Most High strengthen and protect you and CONFOUND YOUR ENEMIES ! AMEN!

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