Sunday, July 11, 2010


"NOVUS ORDO" INDEED -Anew order in the appearance of VEXILLA REGIS!
I have spent a hair-raising afternoon ( despite my apparent composure in the above picture!) trying to choose a design for the Blog that is easier on the eye.

Hair-raising? Well, yes for several minutes, ALL of the text of all of the posts disappeared and all went BLACK. I freely admit I am no computer whizz, and some of my exclamations were less than edifying. But through perseverance and restoration of hope I got back to basics - and all were revealed in their pristine state! Deo Gratias!

I hope readers will find the general result pleasing. The Template comes with a few background pidgeons in scattered flight in profile - Be of good heart -they were scared off by the thorough beating of Satan in the Title picture which shows SAINT MICHAEL despatching him!

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