Tuesday, September 28, 2010


 Serving With the Angels

How fortunate we are to be alive when such a great demonstration of the action of God’s Grace occurs! For that is what Pope Benedict’s marvelous visit to England and Scotland has been - a great demonstration of the action of God’s Grace. Who could fail to notice the difference between the visit itself and the chorus of its deriders and opponents, particularly in the immediate lead-up to the Holy Father’s arrival? Now the Humanists Society and its eminent signatories, Prof. Dawkins, the ABC, the BBC, the homosexuals and abortionists are shown to be empty vessels – they make the most noise but they deliver nothing!

All but 500 years have passed since King Henry VIII began the Deformation of Christ’s Church in England. For most of that time, the propaganda machinery of the English Government has worked upon the minds of its subjects to wipe out the memory of the previous 1,200 years of Catholic Faith and history which is their heritage. Generation after generation the Government and its apparatus including its own creation the Church of England (for God had no part in its founding), labored away at the task. To such an effect that that Catholics and Catholicism were “not quite the thing “even after they became legal in most regards in 1829. More known in myth than in reality – a national bogeyman apparently feared and much abused. But this was only a guilty conscience at work.

By the 1800s the anti-Catholic fever was reaching its crisis point – the fever peaked and has ever since, slowly subsided, leaving behind a half-remembered prejudice scarcely understood and ever more irrelevant. By the early 2000s the British Government was publicly speaking about the scandal of the civil rights of Catholics being denied by the legal provisions that prevent a Catholic becoming or marrying the Monarch. It was openly acknowledged that if that were to change, the Headship of the Church of England – which belongs to the Monarch, would have to go and that would involve dis-establishing the Church of England. The recently-elected Coalition Government of the U.K., preoccupied with other matters has yet to speak on the subject.

The time had come, and Divine Providence sent the man – Pope Benedict XVI. The remarkable success of the Holy Father’s visit, has been achieved despite, or perhaps because, of his direct, but unfailingly courteous confronting of the fundamental issues. His words did not generate hostility but rather, public praise and gratitude even from the Prime Minister. For some years now, major TV documentaries have been scathing about the foundation of the protestant myth – from Simon Schama to David Dimbleby. Now, the Church of England is rasping in its death rattles – utterly devoid of moral or theological integrity, and the presence of the Successor of Saint Peter has shone the Light of Christ anew upon the U.K. scene to widespread appreciation. The Bogeyman himself has appeared and has been seen to be a gentle but firm and loving Father.

A new age has begun for the Catholic Church in England and also for the whole of Christian England – and just in time, as its old “certainties “are seen to be exhausted shams.


Copyright This item First appeared in the September 2010 issue of FOUNDATION.

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