Thursday, February 10, 2011


Despite my apparent composure in the  image above, once again, Blogger has your devoted scribe clutching his hands like a modernist priest ( you know, the reverend  guys who don't know how to join their hands during the Liturgy and only succeed in looking like anxious old ladies!).
Tempted by the recent successful template updates by the famed Father Tim Finigan (Hermeneutic of Continuity Blog) and by  Mac McLernon (Mulier Fortis Blog),I once again ventured into the thorny thicket of design update in Blogger! Fools rush in.... Whilst placing pictures in any Blogger Post should qualify as a major penitential act, template updating/revision may stand some chance of meriting a Plenary Indulgence (under the usual conditions, of course)
Firstly, it will only take background pictures up to 300kb ( my chosen image from the crypt of the desecrated Church of St.Genevieve in Paris-called by the republican desecrators the Pantheon) is over 600 Kb and my efforts to reduce it led me far afield into the wilder reaches of PICASA without success and with great frustration. Secondly, that first disaster left me wary about trying to change the colour of the middle background which is stuck on a depressing dark grey. And thirdly, and worst of all - for no apparent reason the Icons of my valued 13 Networked Blogs Followers simply DISAPPEARED whilst the equally valued 8 Google Followers remain intact.

All efforts to retrieve the 13 Networked Blogs Followers Icons have so far failed Apologies dear Followers - though your Icons are missing you are greatly valued.
 Perhaps, like Caesar Augustus I may yet lock myself in my room and grow my beard whilst crying out :"Quintilius Varus (BLOGGER) Give me back my Eagles(FOLLOWER'S ICONS)! "
Watch that space and pray - please.


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