Thursday, February 03, 2011



There was always about Giuseppe Sarto from his youth to the Papacy a certain serene integrity and honest simplicity which shone in his truly handsome countenance. Some who have come to habitually misuse his name are wholly bereft of the Saint's characteristics

On reflection I have come to the view that it is grotesque and offensive to use the abbreviation “SSPX” or the title “Society of St. Pius X” as the Lefebvrists choose for their organisation. It is as offensive to the thought and spirit of that great and sainted Pontiff as it could be , in its frequent disrespect for the Roman Pontiff both present and in the recent past, for the Second Council of the Vatican, the Magisterium ( except when they find it convenient) and the Church in her worship.

What can best be done to help those Lefebvrists who appear to be psychologically impaired, incapable of logical thought, devoid of Christian joy or peace, incapable of smiling? Their psychology sets them up to be vulnerable to the Deceiver. And the revenge of conscience drives them to hiss and spit at the Church from their pathetic mental and organisational ghetto. They seem to suffer from a condition one might call "Demontia Lefebvristia".
Giuseppe Sarto -in his childhood poverty , he carried his shoes to school to save them from wear.
Pope Saint Pius X defended the rights of the Successor of Saint Peter against upstarts like Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, for him the Papacy was part of Christ's sacred legacy, not something to be superseded by the whim of any Archbishop - even a French Royalist supporter.

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