Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Cardinal George Pell of Sydney - Forthright Leadership
Serving with the Angels

The action of the Bishops of New South Wales in urging the faithful to vote against the Greens in the State Election on 26th March, 2011 is refreshing and commendable, the action of the Bishop of Broken Bay David Walker, in refusing to co-sign is indefensible and reprehensible given the Greens advocacy of Abortion, Same sex “Marriage”, Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Euthanasia, compounded by a policy which would reduce Government funding to many Catholic Schools.

Too often in Australia Bishops have kept silent whilst the winds of radical “Green” politics rose and rose in fury. Very late it seems, they have realised that these people are not so much concerned with matters environmental which are “warm and fuzzy “as they are fundamentally anti-human and anti-Christian.

The technique of subverting a popular movement as a path to power is one that the Marxists in their Communist days had honed to a fine sharp edge. Too often unionists found their legitimate grievances used as a stepping stone by those who wanted control of the union for other reasons and for causes the workers did not support. Now we find the Green movement has been similarly subverted by glib Marxist programmed types not so much concerned with the trees and the atmosphere as ending the lives of the unborn, unnatural sex, terminating the lives of the sick and the elderly, abusing the bodies of the stillborn or aborted and using social engineering to attack Christian Schools.

Having spent the last forty years protecting the hard-won community acceptance of Catholics, the Bishops have, until very late in the piece, mostly lost the habit of advocating Catholic doctrine when it is directly counter cultural. Thank heaven they have woken up corporately, even though the day is close to dusk – better late than never. We can be thankful for the long haul leadership of Cardinal Pell and Bishop Fisher(Parramatta), for Bishop Jarrett(Lismore) and Bishop Matthys(Armidale) also, though the media does not have them on its radar.

Fortunately in the United States where politics is more regularly wedded to principles than in Australia where pragmatism usually rules, a large corps of newer Bishops, orthodox, well-educated, intelligent and articulate has developed and they have not hesitated at all to engage in public discourse and use their positions responsibly to influence the faithful in support of Catholic doctrine.

We are grateful to see this turning of the tide as Secularism becomes ever more brazen.

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