Tuesday, April 12, 2011


At 6.30 pm that same day, Wednesday, after an uneventful crossing of the Channel, TITANIC lay off 
CHERBOURG, FRANCE. Two tenders built to serve her and named Traffic and Nomadic, ferried out to her passengers , luggage and mail. At 8.10 p.m. she is underway again and headed for Queenstown ( now Cobh) in Ireland.

On Thursday 11th April, at 11.30 am just before Lunch TITANIC arrives in all her splendour off Queenstown, once again she cannot dock because of her draught, but anchors in the roadstead about 2 miles from the shore and the tenders Ireland and America bring out her passengers , luggage and mail. One tender takes away at least one passenger, our Jesuit Seminarian, Mr Francis Browne. He must have been devastated, for he had been offered by a wealthy American couple, a free passage to the United States . But a telegraphic request to his Provincial gained the following terse reply "GET OFF THAT SHIP". God was at work, saving the future Father Francis Browne Military Cross winner for his heroic work among the dying on the battlefields of World War I, all that was required was Mr.Browne's adherence to Religious Obedience. And he had freely given it.

By 1.40 pm TITANIC had all loaded and she set off for New York City the fabled destination in the New World

The last photograph of R.M.S. TITANIC afloat.
On Friday April 12th, the Marconi Wireless operators were busy sending and receiving morse code messages. The incomings were often congratulations on her maiden voyage from other vessels. Some of them mentioned ice in the sea lanes.


kodachromefilm said...

The acknowledgement of Catholic priests aboard the RMS Titanic has been overlooked. When looking at the Sacrament of Confession and last rights, as fast (on-the-fly) spiritaul direction, the role of Catholic priests were highly important and should be speculated more often. Instead, there is a greater interest in what kind of chilvary was displayed by the brave gentlemenly souls la la la te te da. The real scene would be the souls preparing for death. That should be food for thought.

kodachromefilm said...

It should also be said, they Jesuit Seminarian Mr Francis Browne, later in life as a priest, and in his old age, remarked with a streak of humor, that by obeying his superior in disembarking in Ireland was the only time holy obedience "did me any good". ( titanic.research@hotmail.com )