Monday, April 04, 2011


OUTGOING - Bishop William Malone of Maitland - Newcastle Diocese.
The Holy Father has announced the resignation of Bishop William Malone of Maitland-Newcastle Diocese and the appointment of Father William Wright Parish Priest of Liverpool in his stead.

Bishop Malone 's ecumenical adventures with the local Anglican Bishop verged on the truly weird and at the outer edge were suppressed by the Holy See as soon as announced and before they could come into effect. Bishop Malone's actions were an embarrassment to any well-informed Catholic, yet he had his "isn't he nice "supporters too, not to mention salaried nuns pushing the same un Catholic line as the Bishop.

Father William Wright has had his share of tough assignments including Parish Priest of Moree with all its Aboriginal problems for several years and Parish Priest of Sutherland South of Sydney which had its own particular problems in the past.

It will no doubt take some time to get the Diocese back on track after cleaning out the stables.

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