Friday, April 29, 2011


Venerable  Pope John Paul II - the Great
As I write, the secular world, and especially the Mass Media are in a frenzy over the much anticipated (and it seems unduly anticipated in key aspects) wedding of the British Prince William and Catherine Middleton. But the hearts and minds of the Catholic World are focussed on an event of more lasting significance to take place in Rome on 1st May, 2011. It is of course, the Beatification of our  beloved  Pontiff of happy memory, the Venerable Pope John Paul II.

There are a few ceorls and ultra proprietists who claim it is too soon after the late Pontiff's death to be Beatifying him, that it defies tradition. They don't know their Catholic Faith well enough. For in ancient times Saints were not so much declared by Popes as by the acclamation of the faithful in the streets - much as we saw the popular demonstrations crying out "Santo Subito"-"A Saint Soon!" at commemorations of the Pontiff's death.Only in later times did the Church institute the current process to regulate matters.Even then the inordinate delays in particular Causes not infrequently meant that they stagnated as those who knew about them died.The celebration of their sanctity was lost to the wider Church. Gradually people came to regard it as a given that Saints only lived a long time ago. It was the Venerable Pope John Paul II who set out to correct that view by greatly accelerating the processing of Causes giving the local churches and the Universal Church the examples of many Saints who had walked and lived among those in many cases still alive, or fresh in the memories of the living.

It is then, only fitting that such a life as that of Karol Wojtyla - Pope John Paul II , marked by truly heroic sanctity, an immense body of orthodox teaching, a vigorous global Evangelism and unfailing fidelity to Jesus Christ and love for the Saviour's Mother and a profound dedication to the Blessed Sacrament and the Holy Mass, should be marked by his Beatification NOW, in the time and presence of those who loved him, and for that matter, of the enemies of Christ and His Church who hated him.

"Santo Subito!"INDEED.
Venerable Pope John Paul II - the Great

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