Tuesday, May 24, 2011


His Eminence Cardinal George Pell

In may Cardinal George Pell  ordained 5 new Priests in the beautiful St.Mary's Basilica, the Cathedral of Sydney. In his characteristic succinct way, His Eminence delivered a fine Homily. But one section of it seemed to hit the spot when I read it just now, especially considering the Queensland vocations figures mentioned in my last post and their evolution which will be mentioned in my next post:

"Some Catholic communities unfortunately are not life-giving.  Undoubtedly the many secular weeds can choke the life out of groups for years at a time, but when there are no vocations of any type for decades we need to examine the priorities of the Catholic community itself.  Some Catholic communities can be contraceptive, even while Catholic life seems on the surface to continue vigorously."

Thank you Cardinal Pell! I wonder if recent events in Toowoomba caused you to reflect on the vocations crisis there and in Cairns, and in Bishop Putney's Townsville and in Rockhampton?

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