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The above photo is interesting because it reveals that Father Peter Dillon and Father John Kilinko were Classmates in the Seminary at Banyo.Father Dillon features in our post :

Father John Kilinko has had an interesting Media history.

In 1999 he attracted the interest of the Brisbane Courier Mail, for publicly pleading for the acceptance back into active ministry of Priests who have abandoned their Priestly duties to devote themselves to female OR MALE SEXUAL PARTNERS . The story run by the Courier Mail was grist for the mill of the radical Left  National Catholic Reporter in the USA, which promoted the "story"of the Kilinko opinion.

Considering :
the Catholic Church's teaching on homosexuality, and
on the importance of clerical celibacy,
one might wonder how it is that Father Kilinko's comments were not publicly rebuked by the responsible authority.

Considering the homosexual advocacy involved in the Kilinko pronouncement, one might be alarmed that Father Kilinko was subsequently appointed to the role of Chaplain of Nudgee College, one of the major Catholic Boys Boarding Schools in Brisbane, with over 1,000 students, many of them Boarders, vulnerable because separated from their parents and family support.

Father Kilinko criticised efforts to obtain new vocations saying :
"Why call more when we say "no" to those who have already said "Yes" themselves?"

Father Kilinko seems to forget that although they originally said "Yes"by VOWS to Christ those enjoying Father's tender interest have subsequently abandoned their vows and Christ's Altars for Sally or even Steve ( Adam and Steve??) And many have done so after a lengthy period of scandalous activity and infidelity.

Do we listen to Father Kilinko, or Someone else?:

"Pray the Lord of the harvest that He will send labourers into his harvest."( Matt, 9:38) Let us remember, if we did need to consider a response(!) that He also said : "I am the Good Shepherd, I know mine and mine know Me , and they follow Me."

Father Kilinko urged his flock to regard as "prophets"those former Priests who:

a) attacked the constant teaching of the Church founded by Christ concerning the intrinsic evil of contraception (confirmed by Pope Paul VI's truly prophetic Encyclical Humanae Vitae ); and

b) reneged on their solemn vows of celibacy to :
   i. marry, or
   ii  live lives of active sodomy.

"Prophets"who refuse to follow the Good Shepherd and His Church? "Prophets"who abandon His service and the care of His flock for self-service? Who having solemnly vowed "Yes"to Christ , but renege and say "Yes to Sally or even  Steve or Bruce?? What is behind such a grotesque suggestion??

A number of Priests have left the Priesthood honourably and get on with their lives as ordinary lay folk , without seeking to become all-but Priests. They know that they cannot and should not seek to have it both ways.

Others it seems are bedevilled and continually struggling with some issue. They make the Church they abandoned their enemy. It is she who rejects them they say, turning facts and logic on their head. It is as if a husband reneged on his marriage vows, left his wife and re-married or ran off with a boyfriend and then attacked his wife for not agreeing to have him back home ( together with his new spouse/ boyfriend.)

Let us speak plainly. Very many ( though not all) Priests who have abandoned their Sacred role and vows have done grave harm and caused immense scandal and perversion of Truth in the lead up to their exit. The catalogue of scandal is frequently repeated: lack of prayer, careless, arrogant or flippant celebration of the Sacred Liturgy , failure to preach the Word of God and the teachings of His Church and substituting "I"and "Me"stories , humanism and pop psychology, disregard for sacred vestments, abandonment of any form of clerical attire as they increasingly follow Him "from afar", and, as we have read , shameful immorality. They become pre-occupied with extra mural affairs, simply social workers or political activists, administrators, cultural dilettantes and all-round social butterflies.

What is at work here? It has been called "the Revenge of Conscience". First he does what he knows is wrong. Then, seeking to evade the guilty pang, he endeavours to rationalise it away. Failing, he seeks to push down the next moral hurdle, seeking the confirmation of others that the original wrong is "alright". The process is repetitive and degenerating.

The old hymn had lines that seemed strange to me as a child : "and the banners of darkness are boldly unfurled"... not so strange now, as Homosexual Rainbow Banners spring up in many places.

And now for some years the voice of  the "Revenge of Conscience"raises itself even in the Church, seeking to gain acceptance of evil activity and infidelity.

 Father Kilinko, said he "often" asked himself "why aren't there as many young people answering God's call to Priesthood?" Did he really? Surely like "blind Freddy" he could know that Seminaries in Perth , Wagga, Melbourne and Sydney were booming in numbers, and now, since it has been purged of unorthodox teaching and professorial staff, and has a new orthodox and faithful Rector, even the Seminary at Banyo is doing well even apart from its Nigerian men.Even at the time he spoke, Father Kilinko could not fail to have known how good and faithful young men were turned away from the notorious Banyo in its worst days, and ,even after acceptance, being later driven out when found to be regularly saying the Holy Rosary in common! Yes five young men at one time ! Most are now Priests in other Dioceses in the South.

Power is not evil, it is the abuse of it , or the failure to use it when needed that is evil. How can a Priest who promoted these ideas be allowed to continue - even in the Pastoral care of young boys of school age?

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