Thursday, October 13, 2011


This morning the 13th October, 2011 the Holy Father, ever gentle and kind, but no-one's fool, began receiving the Australian Bishops in Audience on their Ad Limina Visit.

First to be received was H.E. Cardinal George Pell Archbishop of  Sydney and his three Auxiliaries Bishop Julian Porteous, Bishop Terence Brady and the youngest Australian Bishop Peter Andrew Comensoli.appointed and consecrated only in recent months.

Separately, later in the morning the Holy Father also received Archbishop of Adelaide South Australia Philip Wilson. Archbishop Wilson is also President of the Bishops' Conference, but more to the point it is his Adelaide Archdiocese which is handling the sexual abuse claims made by the Traditional Anglican Communion's Ordinariate enthusiast and leader John Hepworth a former Catholic Priest.

It will be interesting to see what groups are received together in the course of the majority of the visits.This is especially so for Queensland, where Archbishop Bathersby of Brisbane has already submitted his resignation on reaching the age limit and Bishop "call me Brian"Heenan has already told his Priest that he has submitted his resignation and that it has been accepted. Nothing of the latter event has appeared in Holy See announcements.Bishop Putney of Townsville who has written that the Eucharist is "a symbol"and who is an anti- Ordinariate Ecumenist is believed to be keen to escape Townsville with its miniscule Prebyterate - he did not join in the Morris mourning wailing of recent months. And he has apparently had his minions busy getting pictures of him in Clerical attire onto the Web in recent months after years of shirt and tie or open collar. Bishop Foley of Cairns has awoken from a long-lasting media slumber to join the Morris mourning chorus, joining Bishop Heenan likening Morris'"being wronged"to the innocence of Christ Our Lord and Morris'"sufferings"to those of the Lord. Considering the facts, this borders on blasphemy - Morris was as guilty of subverting the Catholic Faith and discipline as could be.The Apostolic Administrator of the wreckage Morris created in Toowoomba Bishop Brian Finnegan is to be pitied and deserves all our prayers.

Let us also pray for our Holy Father that God will sustain him and strengthen and guide him during these visits.

Yes. The groupings in which people are received will be interesting indeed.

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