Sunday, October 16, 2011



The Holy See's internet connection last night was, like the Curate's egg only "good in parts". But, on this glorious Sydney Sunday morning it is operating at 100% and we see that on Saturday morning the Holy Father received in Ad Limina Audience :

Bishop "Call me Brian" Heenan  of Rockhampton the great Morris mourner
Bishop Brian Finnegan the burdened Apostolic Administrator of Toowoomba post Morris
Bishop Michael "the Eucharist is a symbol"Putney of Townsville
Archbishop Denis Hart of Melbourne and his Auxiliaries:
Bishop Leslie Tomlinson,
Bishop Timothy Costelloe,
Bishop Peter Elliott who has the ruuning of the Ordinariate project so dear to the Pope of Christian Unity's heart, then
Bishop Ád Abikaram of the Sydney Maronite Diocese
Bishop Christopher Prowse of Sale 
Mons. Francis Marriott  Administrator of the Diocese of Sandhurst

So, there we have it, until Monday it seems. One is tempted to wonder what went through the minds of Bishops Heenan and Putney as they looked on at their brother Bishops being received in audience - they must have seemed of a different company.

N.B. Completely unrelated :

The Holy See has announced that in future the Holy Father will move through the Vatican Basilica on the mobile platform used by Blessed Pope John Paul II when he was ill. However the press office insisted that this measure was being adopted for practical and not medical reasons. The Holy Father is in his mid Eighties, vestments are very heavy and the procession up the length of St. Peter's is long and tiring for him. The platform is also thought to have some security advantages. The redoubtable Father Z has used the opportunity to plug once again for the return of the Sedia Gestatoria: 

Happier times
Back to Earth, I am off to Sunday Mass and hoping that our curate has returned from his visit home to Poland - a fine young Priest.

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