Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The reporting of deposed Bishop Morris' attack on the Australian Bishops Statement, the Holy See, the Curia, the Australian Bishops and Church Doctrine has,  in several places, used the style Bishop Emeritus William Morris. And , in the very early days after his deposition, the word was reported to have been used by the newly-appointed Apostolic Administrator Bishop Finnigan. 

The title "Emeritus" is an honorific or title of respect which, under Canon Law - Canon  185 -  which may be used by anyone who loses Church office by way of age or Resignation which has been accepted.

Now, originally Bishop Morris was very keen to say that he had resigned, apparently to show that he was the person in charge of his affairs, and to wrap his departure in some semblance of dignity. BUT THIS WAS NEVER THE CASE. The Holy Father did not  accept a resignation, no, Bishop Morris was announced to have been "sollevato" "uplifted "or as we would say "removed".

However in his latest rant, Bishop Morris says he has never signed a letter of resignation. But signs himself  BISHOP EMERITUS. The media have evidently without thought,  decided to adopt the title he claims. 

But, as in so many other things, Bishop Morris got it wrong  - as we can see, having been deposed , Bishop Morris is NOT entitled to be described as "Emeritus". Considering his scandal giving conduct "merit"is the last thing to be attributed to him. His on again, off again behaviour, now resigning, now not resigned, now dressed like a Bus Driver, now dressed like a Cleric, reflects a person who wants to" do his own thing" without any concern for truth, consistency,  integrity or duty. Indeed, if he carries on in this erratic way much longer he may lose the right to any clerical titles at all.

And still to-day, the Diocesan Website carries all his propaganda and peddles its local brand of "Catholic"Lite. 

WE know the Metropolitan won't wish to act - "Power is evil"he has said.
Soon to depart Archbishop John Bathersby of Brisbane
My Lord Apostolic Administrator, Your Excellency the Papal Nuncio , please stop this abuse of the Church's own apparatus, in the service of this sadly deluded person.

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