Monday, October 24, 2011


Its just that naughty Church, and Pope, and Cardinals and Doctrine and Australian Bishops ....
Billy didn't do anything wrong.........MUCH!


If you had any doubts about who is still at the helm of the Diocese of TOOWOOMBA, they must surely have been dispelled by Bishop Morris' use of the Diocesan Website to-day to disseminate a three page rant in response to the Bishops Statement of the 22nd October. The Website is still carrying all the Morris propaganda as well as this latest effort.

One can understand the Apostolic Administrator's concern to do nothing to unduly exacerbate the situation. Nevertheless it is essential that Bishop Morris AND THOSE WHO ARE HIS OPERATIVES should know that they no longer may abuse the apparatus of the Diocese for their own ends. Most teenage tech heads could achieve what needs to be done in half an hour. BIshop Finnegan may not be a great administrator, but he is THE Administrator, and must discharge his function effectively.
Bishop Brian Finnigan Apostolic Administrator

All along, the Morris cancer has grown and grown feeding on ineffective supervision. His Metropolitan, who has repeatedly preached that "power is evil", was bound to be ineffective, and has proved so. The successive Nuncios of the past, seemed to have no effect and, under Cardinal Re , the Congregation for Bishops achieved nothing. All of this has fed the ego and disturbed psychology of this deluded "pastoral" phenomenon until now he is so far off in lala land that he is entirely out of touch with reality. He will of course be spared the end of that other deluded person in North Africa. But he must no longer be sustained by the resources of the Church to facilitate his scandalous attacks on her, her teachings and legitimate administration.
If anyone fears that a number of Nuns or even Priests might follow him into the desert, they forget that these people have for years been using the structures of the Church to undermine it, from teachers' retreats where APREs( Assistant Principals Religious Education) were urged to cry out to "the spirit of the North, the East etc."and much more
pagan nonsense- but Holy Mass did not figure in the several days exercises,to Bishop Morris himself , when the Catechism was quoted against something he proposed, waving his hand impatiently and saying dismissively "Oh! the Catechism...the Catechism"...Just as in South Brisbane, these people who feed off the Church whilst working to frustrate and subvert her have had it to easy for too long. Let us not be misled about the duty to love. Christian love is not a warm and fuzzy emotion, it is the will to do what is best for the beloved. What is plainly best  for Bishop Morris and his apparatchiks, is that they should be separated from their occasions of sin at the controls of the Diocese. Saint Paul would have dealt with them promptly .
But what of the substance of his response -it is nothing but a re-hash of his previously released view of reality- he didn't do anything wrong, Billy is a good boy - its just that naughty Church and Pope and Cardinals and Australian Bishops and it's all a plot and if only everyone would see things his way there wouldn't be a problem. Billy is a good boy and Billy is going to publish more material. One is reminded of Jeff Kennett's response when asked to comment on someone's bizarre public behavior:


Sadly for Bishop Morris and the Church, the armory of Canonical penalties has not been exhausted. Pray for the poor crazed fellow and anyone deluded enough to aid and abet him.And pray for his yet to be appointed Successor. There is not going to be a cooling off period - the Successor must be appointed promptly and begin to rebuild within the smouldering ruins of the Diocese which before Morris had been a great fountain of  Priestly vocations for the whole of Queensland, and in his time has dwindled away to nothing.

If you enjoyed reading Hitler's MEIN KAMPF you will enjoy Bishop Morris' rant- as yet it seems it is still on the Diocesan Website,then you could follow Archbishop Milingo on his lunatic meanderings. As for me, I will not publicly disseminate the stuff. But if you need it for study let me know via the comm box and I will email you a copy.

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