Wednesday, November 30, 2011


T.A.C. Head John Hepworth
Its that man again.

Opening the iPad App for THE AUSTRALIAN newspaper at the breakfast table this morning one finds him,  he is walking into a clearly signposted Adelaide Police Headquarters, to lay a formal complaint about his allegations of homosexual rape by now dead clerics and a Seminarian now a respected Parish Priest and community leader.Of course, that is his right, and has been for the last thirty or whatever years.

But is it being too sceptical to wonder how Press photographers happened to know which Police Station he would approach and precisely when he would be there?And how they were able to get just the right angle to catch him with the sign behind him?

And is it unreasonable  to be shocked to read the Paper's report of clear statements by Mr. Michael Abbott Q.C. who conducted the independent Inquiry on which Adelaide Archdiocese' decision against the Hepworth allegations? Mr. Abbott is quoted as saying : "Archbishop Hepworth chose not to make any written statement ; he chose not to put anything in writing; he chose not to give me any list of witnesses to contact; he chose not to participate --full stop." 

One must feel very sorry for John Hepworth, whether his allegations are ultimately justifiable, or he is in some way mentally disturbed. But his participation in this kind of Media theatre is rapidly eroding sympathy for him, and his failure to co-operate with Mr Abbott's Inquiry tends to accelerate that erosion.

In addition, the Paper reports the Archdiocese as saying it had urged John Hepworth to take his allegations to the Police for 4 years since he originally made the allegations.

Again, we need to keep John Hepworth in our prayers.

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