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Father Nicholas "Nick"Punch O.P. -"ASHAMED OF THE INSTITUTION "
In 2006, from the Thomas More Center (SIC), Father Nicholas Punch wrote as follows to an infamous and now mercifully defunct anti Church "Catholic"Website in Australia:

 "Ashamed of the institution
Fr Nick Punch OP, Thomas More Center, Webster, WI, USA.
With reference to the article, Disconnected Catholics, I agree with everything that has been said, and particularly the comments of Paul Collins. 
As a priest who has remained, I feel dreadfully let down. I am supposed to be a representative of a Church that I never embraced.  As a priest ordained just after Vatican Council II ended, I was enthusiastic about all the documents, and about all the changes embraced as a result, especially liturgy and ecumenism. I loved all the poetry and music that became part of our celebration of the Eucharist.
I have watched, with great sadness, people giving up, especially women. If we could have followed up on our enthusiasm and built on it, I think we could have kept people with us.
My basic interest has always been evangelisation, especially as a Dominican.  But it is difficult to evangelise today because whilst I love the Church I am ashamed of the institution.
I take great consolation in the explanations of biblical scholars and the research that has provided us with an interpretation of the teachings of Jesus and the early establishment of the Church that should guide leadership today. The institution has chosen a different path, and seems to me to deliberately misinterpret tradition.
I am afraid that this will all die with me because the young ministers by and large are of a different ilk. I can only pray that the Holy Spirit will break through and bring about another conversion!"

From "go to whoa"this letter reeks with the odour of the Hermeneutic of Rupture so clearly identified by our Holy Father and firmly condemned by him . "I am supposed to be a representative of a Church I never embraced." It is clear that for his reverence there are two Churches - pre Vatican II and the New Post Vatican II - Rupture defined! 

Father is one of those who "was enthusiastic about all the documents" he says, but seems unaware of their content in large part . SACROSANCTUM CONSILIUM on the Sacred Liturgy required the retention of Latin for the most part,said nothing about celebration versus populum and required the retention and strengthening of the use of Gregorian Chant; Verbum Domini on Sacred Scripture insisted on the inerrancy of Sacred Scripture and the historical reality of the Gospel accounts.

The reality of Father's situation is that he is another fading false "spirit of the Council"(not the letter of the Council) promoter.

His distance, in spirit and truth, from the Church which Christ is with "all days even till the end of the World", is revealed in all its shame in the sentence:

"But it is difficult to-day because whilst I love the Church I am ashamed of the institution."

His Reverence shows the defeat of the false "spirit of the Council"when he admits : "I am afraid that  this  will all   die with me because the young ministers by and large are of a different ilk." What arrogance - if he really believed that what he had been doing was God's work.

So folks this is one of the 1960's Show which has been set up to preach a Parish Mission  and renew and revitalise Pymble Parish in tree hugging Broken Bay Diocese!  


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