Friday, November 04, 2011


I may be wrong, but a significant change in the pattern of visiting to this Blog in recent days, leads me to wonder if the Brisbane succession is about to be resolved, and some people are keen to see if the story is"out"yet?

If so, it would allow time for the new Archbishop to be installed before Christmas. No doubt Archbishop Bathersby would be keen to proceed on his customary post- Christmas Eve holiday without having to return "into harness". 

Are the Cathedral Staff brushing up on the Extraordinary Form liturgy and their Latin? I shall be keen to take account of the" signs of the times" during my upcoming visit to "Urbs Beata". 

Imagine! A Biretta in Saint Stephen's Cathedral after all these wilderness years!The Cathedra moved to the side and a proper Tabernacle in full view in the Sanctuary - the Blessed Sacrament the focus of attention! Then a proper Crucifix above the Altar and the Curly -headed Flying Surfie given to the Queensland Art Gallery,and then the Organ re- arranged and fitted in one of the transepts!! A new beginning!"Omnia quaecumque voluit fecit!"Imagine an Archdiocesan bureaucracy halved in size!The Augean stables cleansed! The Season to be jolly approaches.

                           Going, going.....? The curly headed flying surfie and the focus of attention, super dominating organ -  great sound , wrong location.

I wonder what will become of the curious FACEBOOK PAGE in Appreciation of Archbishop Bathersby? The young Administrator just happens to have the same surname as the Director of Catholic Education. Life is full of these amazing co-incidences!

Meantime, it is perhaps not too premature to wish His Grace a long and happy retirement in his beloved native Stanthorpe which is in Toowoomba Diocese...of which the less said, the better for the time being (!)

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