Friday, December 02, 2011


Gentile Da Fabiano's Adoration of the Magi
From the very first Christmas Day in Bethlehem the bringing of Gifts has been a significant element in the celebration of God's breaking into time from Eternity to effect our Salvation. He had done so nine months earlier at the Incarnation, but at the Divine Child's Birth the time for public celebration and honouring had arrived.The gifts of the Magi : Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh were, we know, symbolic of His Kingship of the Universe, His Divinity and His Saving Death and Resurrection respectively.

From their act of homage to the Divine Child, has grown over 2,000 years the tradition of Catholics and then others who profess to be Christians, to give gifts at Christmas . And these gifts are especially delighted in when given to little children. This is a good and beautiful tradition, given a boost along its way by the charitable generosity of Saint Nicholas.Commerce has in the last century beset the Tradition, but it remains fundamentally and beautifully enshrined in our hearts despite everything.

Around the family Christmas tree -  Christ's Birth brings families together
But the greatest Christmas Gift of all, the gift that truly keeps on giving, until its  final explosion of generosity, when WE burst into ETERNITY, is not given at Christmas time, but at Baptism . When parents give their child through God's great grace, their new birth into the Catholic Faith.

 Pope Benedict XVI is anxious that we should all radically re-address this great effect of the Birth of Christ and His gift to us - our Catholic Faith. For this reason he has announced the Year of Faith to commence during 2012. At PORTA FIDEI BLOGSPOT
you are able to follow faithfully the summons of the Holy Father to join him with the aim to take on " the task of re-discovering the content of the Faith, professing it, celebrating it , living it and praying it - in sum, being totally renewed as a true follower of Our Lord Jesus Christ. "

This is the great challenge and opportunity of our day, as all around us  we see, in the words of the old hymn "the banners of darkness are boldly unfurled".

Let all of us , together heed the call of our saintly Holy Father , and co-operate in stirring up the greatest possible response to and preparation for, the coming Year of Faith. Let the LIGHT of your FAITH shine, for the sake of Christ - THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.

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