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Now, some might find it surprising that a story about events in the Archdiocese of Brisbane in the declining days of the Archbishop Bathersby Episcopate so recently concluded, might begin 1,000 Km to the South in the Mother Church of Australia, St. Mary's Basilica Sydney.

It was there,  in that noble sandstone House of God that His Eminence George Cardinal Pell using the 1962 Ordinal , ordained the convert from Anglicanism, Damonn Sypher FSSP Priest in May,2011.

Ordained Priest using the 1962 Ordinal

In due course the story of the Ordination and of Father Sypher's interesting Queensland background made its way North to the Sub-Tropical Archdiocese of Brisbane and even into the Archdiocese' Paper the so-called "CATHOLIC LEADER" which has over many years, been the despair of faithful Catholics. Not only that, but the Leader's story was picked up by the not so loyal CATHNEWS operated by a somewhat independent offshoot of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

But, a funny thing happened on the way home from the forum. If you Google Father Sypher's name and the words "Ordination CATHNEWS" you will find the story with a link to THE CATHOLIC LEADER website.
But there you will be told that the item no longer exists!!!(Strangely enough even in the Diocesan Paper of Toowoomba under the now deposed Bishop Morris the story was carried and survives on the Net).

Father Sypher (R) and the Good Jesuit Father Gregory Jordan S.J.-
a model for every Priest in his dynamism,fidelity and love of Christ.

Let us imagine what might have happened. A certain once powerful Liturgist, given to extreme outbursts of intolerance against orthodox traditional Catholicism and fond of words like "ruthless",would have read the Leader story and might have been outraged that this celebration of all things Traditional should be reported in "his" newspaper, in which he has preserved his protege Elizabeth Harrington over many years.No matter that she repeatedly writes arrant nonsense: that Mass should be celebrated at staggered times to prevent those wishing to attend daily from doing so, and that such people should be led to the recital of the Liturgy of the Hours rather than attendance at a Holy Mass; or again, that Priests on the battlefield did not wear vestments(TOTALLY FALSE AS HUNDREDS OF PHOTOS OVER THE LAST 150 years will show) and consequently conservative Catholics should stop worrying about vestments! Now, in his fevered state he might just have thundered downstairs to The Catholic Leader's office and DEMANDED that this affront to his life's work be removed from the record!!!

This would not have been without precedent ,as VEXILLA Regis knows well.
Not fit for readers of the "Catholic"Leader?
You know, it has been well said that "liberal"minded "Catholics" believe everyone one should be free to hold their own opinions in the Church unhindered by Doctrine and Tradition - as long as everyone agrees with THEM! But the "liberal"Fascist is always lurking just behind the smarmy smile !

Yes, it could have happened that way.....One thing is for sure The Catholic Leader was "doctored" very thoroughly by some latter day Goebbels.

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