Monday, February 06, 2012


Archbishop Patrick Mary O'Donnell succeeded the great Archbishop Duhig as Archbishop of Brisbane, and preceded Archbishop Francis Rush.

Not a lot is heard or written about Archbishop O'Donnell or his episcopate, which is bracketed by the epic of Duhig's tenure and the post -Conciliar turmoil of Archbishop Rush's time. In Archbishop O'Donnell's time, the Archdiocese was still governed by the Archbishop and Father Douglas the Vicar General since Duhig's time. Father Douglas is said to have kept everything filed in his brain.The bureaucracy for which Brisbane became known exploded under Archbishop Rush as the "spirit of the Council"flooded in.

There is not that much to say about Archbishop O'Donnell's time, but this article : on a website dedicated to his Irish hometown of Fethard seems to exhaust the topic of what should be published. It contains at least two errors : the Nuncio of the time's name is misspelled "Pancio"it was "PANICO", and the word Ordinand is wrongly used.

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