Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Regular readers will note that I have up-dated my Blog List .

 A more extensive list of additions had been suggested to me, but the ones added are the ones that interested me. One I should long ago have added is "A Secular Priest"by Father Adrian Sharp currently studying in Canada and I apologise for that oversight. The remaining three are very interesting, "Mind Heart" by Bishop Peter Comensoli - recently appointed Auxiliary of Sydney, is I think I am right in saying this, the only Blog by an Australian Bishop - if I am in error, I would love to know! "Australia Incognita"is topical and energetic by "Kate"of Canberra, "Dominus Mihi Adjutor"is the Blog of an Australian Benedictine in the U.K.

It is interesting when others are following what one says one is following! Adds another dimension to the experience!

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