Sunday, March 04, 2012


To the Community of Holy Name Parish Wahroonga

Dear Parishoners,

Fr. Vince Casey has shared with me his experience in the parish last weekend and reported the content and strong feelings expressed in the discussions held after each Mass. As requested, copies of my letter from last week are available through the Parish office.

The main point was affirmation and support for Fr. Martin as a holy priest who has done much good in the parish.This is consistent with Fr. Martin's ministry in other parishes in the diocese. It does not, however, change my assessment and that of my advisors that Father Martin could not fill the role of parish priest, even with the assistance promised by Parishoners. Ultimately , this decision and appointment is my responsibility as Bishop.

Also, before there was any representation from Parishoners of Holy Name, Fr Martin had begun discussions with his own Bishop from Myanmar and Bishop John has taken responsibility for Fr. Martin's future ministry. I thank Father Martin for his faithful ministry in Broken Bay and ask God's blessing on him in the future.

The second point in my letter last week was the process that has been initiated to form a new parish council. I still support this action and have asked Ms. Gail Gill to continue the process . I hope that the new parish council is representative of all Parishoners of Holy Name Parish.

Finally, as part of the review that is taking place, an external consultant will do a review of the parish and its leadership and I have taken the first steps to organize this process. I want the new parish council to be part of the process and will communicate the details, including a timeline, to the parish when they are available.

Yours sincerely in Christ,

David L. Walker

Bishop of Broken Bay

More simply put:

I wouldn't face you so I sent my Vicar General.
I hear you all.
I agree he is a good and holy Priest I have left in charge of you Parish for 3 years.
I know you love and support him.

TOUGH. He's out, SHE's in. It will be her Parish Council. Get used to it.

I'm appointing an independent consultant ( those familiar with spirit of the Council "New Church"or the world of commerce or the Public Service may choke on their derisive laughter - VR).

The fix is in - get used to it.

Oh! "Sincerely..."

This is all more than a little demented. The Good Pastor persecuted, the hireling lady parachuted in to take command and no prisoners, and someone "from Head Office coming to help." Reminiscent of the recent events in Canberra!

"The Good Shepherd knows his sheep and they follow him." Father Martin - Pastor Bonus.

Is Bishop Walker well........?

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