Monday, March 05, 2012


Saturday's WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN carried deep in its multiple pages, a small report that Traditional Anglican Communion Bishops ( 12 out of 20) had met in Johannesburg S.A. and had voted to depose John Hepworth as their leader, and to stress their ties to Anglicanism at the expense of consideration of the Ordinariate.

It is not easy to assess the import of this move. We do not know who the 12 meeting or the 8 absent were.

According to Hepworth ,as reported on the Internet, he expects to meet very soon with those from England, the United States, Australia, Torres Strait Islands, India etc. continuing their interest in the Ordinariate.  There may be little that has really happened. It was always the case that many Traditional Anglicans in Africa for example, were Evangelically inclined and not prospects for the Ordinariate.

In all of this it is being claimed that Hepworth himself has now refused to return to the Catholic Church as a layman.We can only hope that both of these factors do not impede further Ordinariate development here in Australia and around the world. One would be inclined to think that any adverse effect would be merely marginal.

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