Friday, March 09, 2012


From time to time we have received comments that vary from complimentary, to confused to strange and insulting and mis-informed from a "Richard Collins" sometimes using a false name, the latest of those being "Shandon Belle"( There are apparently a number of Two Fat Ladies Restaurants in the U.K. named "Shandon Belles".

 This last sought to have us add a Catholic Heritage Website supporting the EF to our Blogroll .When we went to examine the Site we found it worked VERY SLOWLY and then caused our computer to freeze. It happened twice and so it was no accident. Mr Collins seems unaware that his identity is given away in his false name efforts.I won't say how.

So, if you have a Blog or Website beware of his Comments or approaches.

N.B.The Richard Collins who operates the Blog the Linen on the Hedgerow has asked us to convey the statement, which we accept, that he is in no way associated with these comments and deceits. We are pleased to do so.

Any further such internet deceptions/attacks will be referred to the Police and Google for trackback analysis.


Richard Collins said...

I am totally unaware of the substance of the allegations you have made regarding my blog.
My post on Archbishop Ullathorne is part of a series that began early in February this year as a forerunner to my visiting Australia where I am at present.
I would like you to withdraw the comments you have made.
Richard Collins

vexilla regis said...

Dear Mr.Collins,
You say you are"totally unaware of the substance of the allegations I have made about your Blog" and then you ask me to withdraw the comments. You are RIGHTLY unaware because I made no allegations. I did note a coincidence and I cannot withdraw a comment on an idisputable FACT.

I trust you will enjoy your stay.