Thursday, April 12, 2012


Broken Bay Diocese remains in a state of tension because of the wilful determination of Bishop David "Sun of Darkness" Walker to introduce Lay Leadership in to a number of Parishes. He has already succeeded in effectively driving Father Martin Aye Ngwe , a Burmese priest very greatly loved and admired in Wahroonga Parish, out of that Parish. With the aid of his Bishop in Burma Father Martin has now left troubled waters of Broken Bay for he safe harbour afforded by his  incardination in Cardinal Pell's Archdiocese of Sydney.

The faithful in Wahroonga are left to the tender ministrations of the Bishop's Protege Ms Gail Gill.She is described formally as ' the Director of Parish Life".Her "Position Objective" is described as follows:

"The Director of Parish Life acts as the juridic person appointed by the Bishop to be responsible for the life, animation, administration and growth of a designated parish according to Canon 517.2.
Holy Name Parish Wahroonga
That the Parish of Holy Name be served fully in its spiritual and physical needs in such a way that a welcoming Eucharistic community is promoted, with outreach to those who may not regularly participate in worship, so that all in the Parish may experience a sense of belonging in the spirit of the Diocesan Pastoral Plan ,Going Forward Together: Pastoral Care for Evangelisation 2006-2010.


Let us hear from the lady the Bishop has favoured with these pretended "juridic"powers. Here she is , writing in 2009 :

"As a lay person I feel I can credibly comment on the perpetuation of a clerical culture in the Church that is in many ways kept alive by lay people....I wrestle with both compassion and anger whenever I encounter a leader in a Church that is locked into a form of leadership that draws authority only  from the title they have been given. This is so often eons away from gospel leadership and from contemporary understandings of leadership."

The lady is a former employee of the Catholic Education Office and it is said that her Parish pastoral work experience is confined to having once assisted a Parish to form a Pastoral Council !

Members of he Parish appalled by her being thrust upon the Parish have pointed out to His Lordship in very direct fashion, that "WE find ourseves "struggling with a mixture of anger and compassion"at her actions since she arrived in our Parish, and we cannot help but think she is drawing her authority merely from the title she has been given, as we cannot find where the Canon Law confers such authority on a lay person".

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