Thursday, April 12, 2012


The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has proposed a "Year of Grace"characterised by Bishop Michael("the Eucharist is a symbol"Putney as having no program or formal exercises just the every day opportunities of Grace. Bishop Putney was speaking in an ACBC video featuring Archbishop Designate Costelloe of Perth , Archbishop Designate Coleridge of Brisbane, Bishop Putney of Townsville and the ever surprising Bishop David Louis Walker of Broken Bay.

For his part Bishop Walker, raised my eyebrows when mentioning an unnamed author having called Our Divine Lord "the Sun of Darkness".
More than a little surprised by this - which I would have thought more aptly descriptive of Satan, I decided to look up the description on GOOGLE. 

Here, I found 5 pages of connections to some type of Dungeons and Dragons type Warriors Game plus one Mohammedan page which used the term without explanation, that was enough for me.

I wonder if Bishop Walker is well? Even if he read the term in some more "normal"source, where did the Author get it? And what is he on about? Grace it seems, has no part in the "Sun of Darkness"! And I wonder who at the Australian Bishops Conference approved the completed Video?

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