Thursday, April 26, 2012


Thank you to all my readers.

Yesterday in the midst of the pre-occupations of ANZAC DAY, our 40,000th Visitor as counted on CLUSTERMAPS dropped by! That is very pleasing, because our first 20,000 on CLUSTERMAPS took 10 months to achieve, this time it took only 4 MONTHS!!

These figures are small potatoes as Sir Robert Menzies once said of Australia when he was P.M. but they are mighty pleasing to me in my efforts to promote the greater glory of God and to promote, preserve and serve His Holy, Catholic Church which Dom Gueranger reminded us over a century ago, is "God's project for the salvation of the world".

I continue to marvel at the diversity of places around the globe from which you come, sometimes at evident risk to yourselves as the locations would indicate.Many of the places in Europe , the U.K.and Ireland, and the United States are very familiar to me , many more, totally unknown to me unfortunately. But I pray that God will bless you all.

Once again , thank you and a special thanks to those who have chosen to "Follow"the Blog under either system, that feeling of support is truly encouraging.

With such an accelerating Visitor rate who knows when we might reach 100,000 Visitors - continue to spread the word!Please!

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