Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Some people know how to make an exit with good grace, others it seems, either lack the capacity or do not see the need.

Sadly, Bishop David Louis Walker of Broken Bay Diocese , seems determined to spend his remaining 552 days attacking the people of various Parishes and numbers of his Priests whom he deems unable to meet the pastoral requirements of his strategic plans.

                           BISHOP DAVID LOUIS WALKER COMMISSIONS NEW CATH ED. DIRECTOR                          

                                                       OTHERS CALLED TO MIND PONTIUS PILATE

Indeed, the air of cloud cuckoo land that has befogged the Diocese during his Lordship's Episcopate, now seems to be descending into a turgid mire of bitterness, disillusion and near warfare. Forget the Australian Bishops'YEAR OF GRACE , in reality it is being drowned out by cries from the Bishop's Cauldron of Woe stirred vigorously by his squad of feminazis.

In Wahroonga, the people have requested a Parish Assembly to properly air their grievances before His Lordship. OH NOOOOOOOO! That is not going to happen , I have heard you already! Don't bother me with facts, I am on my way to the NEW ORDER - Don't you worry about that! That'll be alright!

Let it be crystal clear, these people are not rabble rousing dissenters, no, they are well educated and well mannered ladies and gentlemen of strong and loyal Faith. They love the Church, her Law, the Holy Priesthood, the Holy Mass and the Sacraments. But that is precisely their offense. The New Order is setting up its New Church and people like this are an obstacle to be overcome. Likewise , and doubly so the faithful orthodox Priests who want no part in this subversion of the Catholic Church through perverse interpretation of a few sections of the Canon Law drawn up with no concept of such duplicity as a possibility.

Regrettably, the fact that  His Lordship has only 552 days to go, and there is already enough difficulty in filling several Episcopal vacancies, means it is unlikely he would be removed unless found publicly in some flagrant immoral activity.Mere abuse of the Canon Law, of faithful Priests and of faithful Laity, ......Why couldn't His Lordship be given a position in the Apostolic Nunciature to prepare a detailed study of the 1998 Statement of Conclusions?

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