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"What does it profit a man if he gain the whole World and lose his immortal soul ?" Mark 8:36

What a marvellous gift we have in our Catholic Faith which binds us not only to one another, and through the Communion of Saints to our ancestors , no matter how remote, and to our descendants already in God's Mind, but most importantly to God Himself made Man, Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ the True Vine through the one true Church he founded on Saint Peter and promised to remain with until the end of the World.

As Saint Paul reminds us :"You were bought with a great price ......" Cor. 6:20.  We are not free to do as we wish. We belong to Christ through His Church : "I Am the Vine, you are the branches ..apart from Me you can do nothing."John 15:5

The Successor of Saint Peter and great student of Saint Augustine the noble son of Africa, has stated the case with Authority and love for God and the faithful . What blessings are available to us! 


"To abide in Christ means, as we saw earlier, to abide in the Church as well. The whole communion of the faithful has been firmly incorporated into the vine, into Christ. In Christ we belong together. Within this communion he supports us, and at the same time all the members support one another. They stand firm together against the storm and they offer one another protection. Those who believe are not alone. We do not believe alone, but we believe with the whole Church.

The Church, as the herald of God’s word and dispenser of the sacraments, joins us to Christ, the true vine. The Church as "fullness and completion of the Redeemer" (Pius XII, Mystici Corporis, AAS 35 [1943] p. 230: "plenitudo et complementum Redemptoris") is to us a pledge of divine life and mediator of those fruits of which the parable of the vine speaks. The Church is God’s most beautiful gift. 

Therefore Saint Augustine also says: "as much as any man loves the Church of Christ, so much has he the Holy Spirit" (In Ioan. Ev. Tract. 32:8 [PL 35:1646]).

 With and in the Church we may proclaim to all people that Christ is the source of life, that he exists, that he is the one for whom we long so much. He gives himself. Whoever believes in Christ has a future. For God has no desire for what is withered, dead, ersatz, and finally discarded: he wants what is fruitful and alive, he wants life in its fullness. "

Let us never forget the privilege that is ours, to belong to the one true Church Christ Himself  founded, and never put our association with Her , and therefore Him, at risk.Amen.

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