Sunday, May 20, 2012



Customarily , the Parable is called the Parable of the Prodigal Son. This was very satisfying in the past, especially in Victorian times ( "Get out! And NEVER darken my doorstep again! and all that.)

But it really misses the point of Jesus' Parable.

We all know the story of the brash younger son, over eager for his share of the inheritance. The acquiescence on the part of his loving Father to respect his free will. The young man's decadent behaviour  , the dissolute result, his heart broken decision to return to his Father's love at any price. Yes, we know it all.

But  we so often miss the point which is contained in a very few words .... his Father sees him coming "from afar off"and He "runs to meet him". He was constantly looking for His son's return, thus he was able to see him at the first opportunity when he did come - the force of Love! And then? He runs to meet him! His rashness, prodigality, sinfulness, all is swept aside - the Father RUNS to meet him afar off!!.There are no reproaches - just Love!

Here is the point. God is the Loving Father, we are the sinners. But as soon as we repent and head back to Him, He runs toward us with every Grace and assistance to welcome us home. 

How marvellous that we have such a loving Father , He conceived us in His Mind from all Eternity, he co-operated in our Conception - we are His in every sense.He sustains our lives from millisecond to millisecond. No wonder He loves us. If a natural Father so greatly loves his Son - no matter how great the hurt - even the greatest in his life, how much more  does God Who is Love, as Saint John tells us, love us even when our sins are like a direct slap in His Face.

Whatever wrong we have done, and for whatever reason, even longtime sin oft repeated or the love of some person or compliance with their wishes more than God, or the quest for money,once we are honest and admit our sins and repent, He is with us, Graces abundant , Sacramental forgiveness at the ready , every sign of Love ready for us and those who follow us. How can we deny such Love Its satisfaction!

"Father, I have sinned against Heaven and against Thee." Son, you are forgiven  - Thank you God for Your abundant , generous forgiveness. 

Get behind me Satan - you who hate Mankind and me. I shall not let my Pride  or my desires get between me and the Good Father.

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