Monday, May 14, 2012


It seems that the title of our last post "CATHOLIC AGAIN"was almost prophetic for the long-vacant See of Toowoomba now has a new Bishop -elect.And Toowoomba will be Catholic Again indeed!

Bishop -Elect Robert McGuckin is  powerfully qualified to take on the Morris-poisoned chalice of the City on the Hill  - Toowoomba in Queensland.

Mons. McGuckin' s appointment appears in the Holy See's "Bolletino"or Bulletin in the midst of a group of appointments in the Central African  Republic.  He was originally a Priest of the Archdiocese of Sydney and has in recent years been incardinated in the Diocese of Parramatta where he has been Priest resident in the Parish of Blactown for 11 years up to 1997, he was also Vicar Judicial for the last 6 years up to 1997. In that year he became Diocesan Administratoe sede vacante until the Appointment of Bishop Fisher when he became Vicar General and Moderator of the Diocesan Curia until now. From 1999 to 2006 he was President of the Canon Law Society of Australia and New Zealand.He has also been Professor of Canon Law at Notre Dame University in Sydney,  a Judge of the Appeal Tribunal for Australia and New Zealand, and Associate Vicar Judicial of the Appellate Tribunal for the Episcopal Conference of the Pacific and Director of the Institute of Tribunal Practice affiliated to the Catholic Institute of Sydney. And in Parramatta Diocese he has also been Episcopal Vicar for Consecrated Life and for Pastoral Care in Health.

Born on 28th January , 1944 in Sydney and ordained Priest on 20th October, 1973, he had earlier completed his studies in Canon Law and obtained a Licentiate and Master's Degree at the St. Paul University in Ottawa Canada.

The pastoral career of the future Bishop has not been a bed of roses. He had been Parish Priest of Matraville in Sydney from 1973-1975, Administrator of the Parish of Mascot from 1976-78,  Administrator of Botany Parish from 1978 to 1981 He did further studies  in Ottawa from 1981-84 and was then Administrator of Rosebery Parish from 1984-86 . All of these pastoral appointments have been in "tough" "problem"areas. 

Bishop -elect McGuckin  is surprisingly well qualified to be Bishop of the shattered Diocese of Toowoomba. The rabble of bush - lawyers that has attached itself to the Morris cause are now in for someone over-qualified to deal with them and with the pastoral experience to handle yet another tough assignment.

We wish Bishop-elect McGuckin every Blessing and success in re- building the abandoned vineyard, once the great engine of priestly vocations in Queensland.How very fortunate the faithful Catholics of Toowoomba  are to have him in their Diocese.The good news keeps on coming!

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