Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Only days after publishing its latest anti-Catholic effort ( See our post Sat. 16 June, 2012) , Fairfax Media has announced a radical downsizing and restructure in the face of the electronic media onslaught. The flagship Sydney Morning Herald and The Age will go Tabloid instead of Broadsheet ( in Fairfax speak they will become "compact"Ha ha ha let no-one use the the vulgar T word!) , 1,900 staff will be laid off over 3 years , including 150 editorial positions. One wonders if the bitterly anti-Catholic David Marr                                                            SMH and an active Homosexual promoter, and Chris McGillion (The Age) wiill survive the scythe? Two major printing plants will close,one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. And the organisation that could not bring itself to say "Tabloid"even suggested the END OF PRINTED PAPERS if the situation did not turn around - the" papers"would become wholly electronic!

It used to be said that some Politicians or Generals have tried to "bury"the Church but the Church always ends up burying the Politicians or Generals. Now we see Newspapers that try to bury the Church , burying themselves!!!

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