Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The announcement  by the Holy See that  Monsignor Robert McGuckin                                  has been appointed Bishop of Toowoomba in Queensland as the sixth Bishop of the Diocese since its erection on 28th May, 1929 was widely applauded some weeks back. He succeeds the deposed Bishop William Morris who was removed on 2nd May, 2011 to great rejoicing by orthodox Catholics.

 The deposed Bishop Morris was appointed in November,1992 to the shock of even the liberal clergy of Brisbane from which he had come,the Diocese had almost 60,000 Catholics(Total Population 219,000).There were 55 Diocesan and 16 Religious Priests a Total of 71 : 845 Catholics per Priest. There were 36 Male and 96 Female Religious.To-day the
Diocese has about    76,000 Catholics(Total Population 272,000). There 
are     38 Diocesan and 7 Religious  Priests   a Total of 45: 1,688 Catholics per Priest.   There are 9 Male and 52 Female Religious.

There are no Seminarians . Toowoomba Diocese used to be the great engine of Priestly vocations in Queensland. So much so, that in 1935, the Parish of Warwick alone had four Seminarians ordained that year.

The group which Bishop Morris had placed in control of the apparatus of the Diocese has been desperate to promote his cause( and their own continued employment of course) in the most strident terms, aided and abetted by the anti-Church Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Jesuit Frank Brennan who is a darling of the Left in politics and the Media,the dissenting Jesuit Magazine Eureka Street and all the usual suspects. So high profile have the Diocesan officials been in all this, including several senior Priests, that their removal from those positions in due course will be inevitable. Among the group gathered around them are advocates of women's ordination , advocates of homosexuality, opponents of Catholic Doctrine and the Catechsm of the Catholic Church.

His Lordship will have a very heavy Cross to carry . Several obvious courses to adopt immediately suggest themselves, but we will refrain from mentioning them in order to avoid exciting the disloyal elements to any greater hysteria.

May Christ the High Priest hear the  prayers of Saints Peter, Paul and Patrick for His Blessing and Strength to the Arm and Heart of Bishop McGucken.

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