Saturday, June 16, 2012



The Australian Catholic Bishops will tomorrow publish through every Parish Church in Australia a Pastoral Letter defending natural Marriage against the perverted efforts of homosexuals to promote the idea of Homosexual Marriage( usually masquerading under the title of "Marriage Equality").

It is no surprise then, that Fairfax Media briefly shook off its state of funk over Gina Rinehart acquiring a total 18% stake in Fairfax Media on Friday, to attempt a pre-emptive strike against the Catholic Church in support of the Homosexual culture it has done so much to encourage over recent years.

How to go about it? Attack the Bogeyman! After investing years of effort in attacking Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, they produced in the "GOOD WEEKEND"Magazine shared by the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age of Melbourne , a large article entitled " Our Man in Rome" .

Commencing to read the article, one looks for some insight, some enlightenment or some well-informed comment. But after a little while it becomes a source of amusement! How many hoary dissident clerics and ex-clerics could the authoress dig up? This amusement is succeeded by surprise at the length  to which this trivial drivel goes on, and on, and on. The poor lady must have been up all night pawing the papers' files ! Then - Oh! I had forgotten that old dissident where has he been hiding?, and then another who was scarcely ever relevant except in his own mind! Poor lady she must have run-up quite a phone bill teasing sorry little anecdotes out of embittered old lefties and failed clerics. And still it drags on ! By then one becomes irritated, not by the intended and bitchy barbs, but by the waste of time, the sheer tedium.

Bad luck lady. Bad luck strangely inclined editorial staff, natural Marriage will get all the attention , and your distraction attempt failed by sheer tedious boredom. But thanks for listing all those tired old dissidents in one place, we had forgotten many of them! Useful when we look back on the failure of their life's work of subversion! Oh! But THANKS for the great picture of His Eminence at Domus Australia!

And , despite all your tantrums, Marriage is ONLY for a Man and a Woman!

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