Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Yes, it is a great joy when we find a verse that is appropriate to our purpose!  When events reminded us of the devastation caused by the false spirit of the Council, we recalled an equally devastating verse deriding its agents , which we had to share with you :

You will find the Battle Hymn of the Republic melody is appropriate -

"Trendy theology will lead you all to Hell -
  Its opposed to Revelation and the Truth it cannot tell,
  And brainy boys in seminaries fall underneath its spell,
  And can't tell what's right from wrong.

  Glory, glory we can't reach you!
  Glory, glory we can't teach you!
  Don't be definite, we beseech you!
  Let clear confusion reign!

  Interpreting the Holy Writ, we had the fun of Cork  :
  They say He got up from the dead, but that's just idle talk:
  'Twas made up by "community"to make the tourists gawk-
   His bones are still in Palestine!

   Now Catholics, all be ready, there's a job ahead of you,
   Re-educating trendies when we haul them from the stew,
   And though they get the nicest jobs, we're many, they are few,
   Their hour is come and gone"

( From "The old School Tie"by the redoubtable Father John O'Neill P.P.of Doonside in Parramatta Diocese .) 

 "Their hour is come and gone!" 

When composed in the 1960's, and published in the late 1990's, those words were still prophetic. To-day, in 2012 we have the joy of seeing them fulfilled. One by one the Dioceses have returned to orthodox hands , with a few yet to be recovered - but in sight of that deliverance.The Seminaries have been purged of trendies for some time, and where the deliverance has been very recent, the process of reform is inexorably engaged.

"Gone"indeed! And also "Going" and with them goes "clear confusion". Just as in Architecture overseas ,Catholic is back , so too , and so much more importantly, Catholic is back in teaching, sanctifying and governing the Church in Australia.

We are recovering the actual Second Vatican Council and exorcising its false "spirit"at last.The process will be long , but its completion is inevitable under God's Providence.

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