Sunday, July 01, 2012



The discovery of a Blog truly rich in Catholic information,teaching,commentary and a sound spiritual sense is always a cause for celebration .Accordingly, I wish to recommend to you the Blog of Father George Byers an American Priest of great intelligence and a winning smile as can be seen in the photograph above, taken some years ago.The Blog is the Holy Souls Hermitage and I suggest you pay it an early visit and subscribe to receive its posts by Email as I do.

I had the privilege of briefly meeting Father Byers at an Annual Conference of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy at Corpus Christi Conference Centre at Clayton VIC ( the former Seminary site). He is a man of extraordinary devotion in the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy and a most engaging conversationalist and wit.I did not forget the meeting and was delighted to discover his Blog.

He has for some time established himself as a Priest Hermit for the sake of his brother Priests and for Bishops.

You will find in his Blog an enormous fund of very valuable posts and exceptionally thoughtful articles, which you may sometimes find challenging , but which are always faithful to Jesus Christ and His Holy Church.Pay particular attention to the right hand sidebar whicch acts as a Table of Contents.

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