Wednesday, August 22, 2012


View from  Montmartre - in the centre Left we see the uninspiring
bulk of Saint Eustache and beyond it the noble dome of Saint Genevieve.
We are told not judge a book by its cover ( a saying developed before Paperbacks and Dustjackets) .The same principle can be applied to the great Parisian church of Saint Eustache.Situated in the Les Halles district - the ancient produce markets area- the church was built over 100 years commencing in 1532.  It is sometimes described as a masterpiece of late Gothic architecture. Be that as it may, externally it is very far from being beautiful or even impressive. . However, internally it is truly beautiful, noble and inspiring.

These two images of aspects of the exterior say
all that seems necessary

But whatever the limitations of the  external design, the beauty of the interior more than compensates.The soaring walls and their graceful windows allow the great church to be flooded with light .


Every awkwardness of the exterior is trebly compensated for by the noble proportions of the interior with its three aisles beneath soaring ceilings, and at every turn, a wonderful aspect of some sublime architectural composition or detail.


The organ is said to be the largest in Paris , greater than Notre Dame and even surpassing Saint Sulpice.

Magnificent 7,000 Pipe Organ Largest in Paris

A more remote view.

A more remote view of the Sanctuary from
further down the Nave.
The side aisles are in themselves superb elements ennobling the overall composition.
Looking from the Nave across a side Aisle to a side Altar

Side Aisle radiant with sunlight ,looking away from the Sanctuary which is
located to the right of the Camera.

The superbly carved Pulpit looks across the Nave
to a marvellous carved Crucifix panel.

The Crucifix carved panel facing the Preacher in his Pulpit.

In this view , we see the delightful detail in the carving of the Pulpit
ornamentation and its relationship to, and view of, the Crucifix Panel
confronting the Preacher from across the Nave.
As this further picture of the side Aisle, taken with a wider angle lens, shows,
Saint Eustache is a glorious inspiration to devotion, flooded with light
and filled with beauty, and nobly proportioned.


Mariana said...

Wonderful Church, I married there May 13, 2006, seven years from Yesterday. Trully blessed to have had one of the most important experiences of my life , right there in front of that altar accompanied by the music of its incredible organ.

You did a great job describing St Eustache! Thank you!

vexilla regis said...

Happy Anniversary Mariana! And thank you for your kind words! Tony Dixon