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Modern American Seminarians
"You are the salt of the earth"
Listen to Father Nicola Avancini S.J.:

I  "You are the salt of the earth"(Matt V : 13)

Pliny says that it is of the nature of salt to sting, to burn, to hurt, to break down resistance, and to dry out. Thus must an apostolic man be himself mortified, and so be able to lead others in this, the Purgative Way, before he can lead them in the Ways of Illumination and Union. What can we say of ourselves? How far have we progressed in it? Have we not still far to go?

"Yöu are the light of the world"
Seminarians in Rome.

II "You are the light of the world"( V 14)

The second stage in apostolic life is expressed under the simile of Light, and by this is understood the Illuminative Way, in which a man must perfect himself in the practice of virtues taken from the life and teaching of Our Blessed Lord. It is not enough to be merely "purged"" unless we are also adorned with - and abounding in - virtue which will communicate itself to others, enlighten them, dissipate errors, and move their souls. Have we even one virtue in a state of perfection? How many are not wanting in us altogether?How do we study them? How do we develop our
own "talents"that they might be possessed by others? Do we tend to neglect our lights under bushels?

"A city set on a mountain cannot be hid."
Seminarians in America Pray outside an Abortion "Clinic".

III "A city set on a mountain cannot be hid".

This signifies the Unitive Way . Aristotle said that a city is a community of men self-supporting for the purposes of life. So do the perfect, cleaving to God only, become "self - supporting ", in themselves and others, for the purposes of lives of perfection. Let us see if "our sufficiency is from God"only (2 Cor. III:5) . Do we cleave to Him alone and no creature, refer everything to Him, seek nothing outside of Him?"

"....Learn of Me for I am meek and humble of heart."

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