Wednesday, November 14, 2012



As the forces of Atheism, libertarianism and straight evil gain increasing confidence under the dark shadow of a Government headed by an atheistic Prime Minister surrounded by many Ministers of no faith and many of whom live "unusual" lives, they have escalated their attacks upon Christian religion and especially the Catholic Church. Their number one target is the Archbishop of Sydney Cardinal George Pell.

In the process of mounting their attacks, as they have done for years, no lie is left untold.Evidence is given to a Court that he was involved witnessing certain allegations in Victoria, at a time when he was overseas. He is accused of doing nothing about criminal activity in a  Diocese for which he has never been responsible and rarely even visited. Years ago , an entirely fabricated direct allegation against him by a person known to Police was shown to be totally false.

The blind hatred of Cardinal Pell in some quarters is like a double dose version of that hatred reserved for Rupert Murdoch and in times past for President George W. Bush. To read the Blog comments on the website of dreadful rags like The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age in Melbourne, is like a descent into the outer reaches of Hell when Cardinal Pell's name is mentioned. All of the evil natures in our society lineup against him.

The reason is clear: His Eminence has long since said : "All that I do is to teach what the Catholic Church teaches , and do what the Catholic Church does, and let the chips fall where they may." Well, a fellow like that just has to be the absolute enemy of your everyday abortionist, euthanasia advocate, divorced and re- "married" person, active homosexual, euthanasia advocate, embryonic stem cell activist, atheist and all  round libertarian. He is also reviled by disaffected Clergy, who are the darlings of the anti - Church Media, for the same reasons - whether they are ABC " pets" or garrulous old self promoters on commercial TV.

So, we give thanks to God for Cardinal George Pell, whom the Beatitudes surely relate to :

" Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for My sake:

Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in Heaven...." 

Matt. 5: 11-12."

And here on Earth Your Eminence, we Catholics love you and pray for you, and that your enemies, who are also enemies of Christ, may be confounded.


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