Saturday, February 16, 2013


Dear Readers and Visitors,

Some things to bring to your attention:

The GOOD - very soon we will record our 75,000th Visitor according to Clustermaps! This is very pleasing and I wish to thank all of you including our regular readers and visitors From Mountain View, California to Mentone, Victoria and from Berlin to Brisbane! 

The BAD- even sooner Clustermaps will do a periodic " zeroing" of the global map in their Widget and we will lose all our red dots! Don't think anything dreadful has happened. The purpose is simply to regain a clear sense of what has happened recently.

The UGLY - some time ago following some Networked Blogs instructions for up-dating, we " lost" about 26 Followers from the Networked Blogs Widget. This does NOT mean we don't care about you. Ever since that date in November we have been following the issue with Networked Blogs, but apart from getting a reference number and the promise that " someone would be with us soon" NOTHING is happening. Frustrating. Happily there have been several new Followers and steady growth in the GOOGLE followers. 

If you cared to repeat your Networked Blogs " Follower" exercise we would be grateful for you help.

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