Friday, February 22, 2013


SEVEN DAYS HENCE at this moment 0600 Australian Eastern Summer Time on Friday 1st March, 2013, it will be 2000 on 28th February, 2013 in Rome and Pope Benedict XVI will cease to be Pope.

Gentle, " meek and humble of heart "(Matt 11:29),serene, deliberate, highly intelligent, truly scholarly - when shall we see his like again? And, without doubt, truly holy. Indeed a saintly presence in our midst.

 Great gift of God to this crude and corrupt age, Pope Benedict XVI has taken the command of the Barque of Saint Peter as Blessed Pope John Paul II the Great went on to his eternal reward after great physical suffering. He held the course set and with great wisdom and discernment did so even in the face of diabolical storms. He bravely took on fresh tasks even as she was buffeted so cruelly. He became the Pope of Christian Unity , drawing right minded Anglicans home to Christ's Church by innovative and generous administration, he strove mightily to bring home the over-weening arrogance of the Society of Saint Pius X members. Heroically and " by his own hand" he freed the ancient and holy traditional Liturgy , so that every Priest could celebrate it at will , without let or hindrance. His understanding of , and appreciation of the centrality of the sacred Liturgy in the life of Christ's Church is sublime. We owe him so much on this account alone.

With great sagacity and profound commitment to the work of the Holy Spirit, he determined to recover the true Second Vatican Council teachings, and defied the false " spirit of the Council" rogues.This was truly heroic and earned him the implacable enmity of these folk who have sought to subvert the Catholic Church for the last 55 years, some even in high places.

His dedication to the Person of Our Lord Jesus Christ is the true hallmark of his life. It is no wonder that he devoted so much time to his multi-volume " JESUS OF NAZARETH" in the midst of all his labours.

Yes, in exactly one week, we will look longingly and lovingly after Joseph Ratzinger as he retires to Castel Gandolfo initially, and finally to the Vatican Gardens Convent, where he will be hidden by choice, from the world.

"Oh! How I love Thy Law!
It is my meditation all the day.
Thy commandment makes me wiser than my enemies,
for it is ever with me."
Psalm 119 : 97-98

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