Monday, February 11, 2013


In extraordinary news it has been announced that the Holy Father will resign as at 28th February for reasons of ill health which he believes in all conscience, precludes him from continuing to exercise his sacred office in an effective manner.

This is the first time a Pope has resigned for 600 years.

The Conclave to elect the Holy Father's successor will take place in March.No doubt the speculation in the media will be intense, but one would imagine that two scholarly identities would be likely candidates : Cardinal Angelo Scola , Archbishop of Milan and Cardinal Marc Ouellet Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops.Time will tell.

The Holy Father has stated that he wishes to dedicate himself to a life of prayer. He would seem likely to chose an entirely retired life , perhaps in a monastic environment. He has frequently in the past made retreats when a Cardinal at the monastery of Stift Heiligenkreutz.

His saintly, humble manner and gentlemanly bearing at all times, together with his truly impressive scholarship, endear him to all faithful Catholics, who will join in prayer for the selection of a successor truly worthy of the challenges confronting the Church which always rejoices in the Lord's promise to be with it all days even to the end of time.

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