Saturday, May 11, 2013



A recent Russian TV interview give by the Patriarch of Moscow has been reported in the French Website " Liturgia" :

"The Patriarch also mentioned in this context, the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Russian Orthodox Church

We are ready to dialogue and cooperation and we hope that the new Pope is also open. The time difference and our wavering in our analysis of important problems of society must end. This process began under Pope Benedict XVI, and we very much hope that this positive trend will grow and improve. Time Benedict relations between the two Churches have improved considerably. We are open to dialogue and collaboration."
(This translation comes via GOOGLE TRANSLATE and is imperfect. I believe that the highlighted words are better translated " The time of our divergence..."   and " In the time of Benedict..." Let us pray that this hopeful sign of a willingness to maintain the momentum already achieved will be fully developed.)

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