Thursday, May 16, 2013


With his customary colourful flourishes, the presenter of the American Church Militant T.V. " Vortex" programme is reporting that the Holy See has decided that the three Sees now vacant in Scotland, and two more soon to become vacant - five Sees out of the Scottish eight, will remain vacant pending the investigation of claims of a homosexual network among some senior clergy in that country.

This comes immediately after the announcement that retired Cardinal Keith O'Brien, disgraced former Archbishop of St. Andrews & Edinburgh, has been directed by the Holy See to leave Scotland and retire to a place of prayer and penitential retreat and reflection. This action followed the reported complaint by the Archbishop of Glasgow Philip Tartaglia, to the Holy See that the continuing presence of the Cardinal in retirement was a major embarrassment and distraction for the proper functioning of the Church in Scotland.

Obviously the Holy See is determined to ensure that  new appointees are free of any taint whatsoever, and no doubt they will be strictly monitored to ensure that any network such as that reported is destroyed and its members removed from office.

Meanwhile, in Australia, save for the Maronites, nothing has changed since our posts of 7th May and 18th April,2013. &th May related to Cardinal Ouellet's visit to Sydney only yesterday - so not too much could flow from that. But there are signs of anxiety developing in at least one potential candidate for a Mitre. The stress of the long wait is evidently not only bad for the Church in the Dioceses concerned and for the reform of the Australian Catholic Bishop's Conference bur wearing on those spoken of as potential candidates. Perhaps the latter need to take heed of the comment by both Pope Benedict XVI and even more heavily by Pope Francis on the need to bring an end to careerist attitudes. 

Pastoral concern, moral probity, a devout life and doctrinal integrity are the gold of the episcopate , mere ambition is but dross.

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