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141 Days remain until Bishop David Walker submits his resignation to the Holy Father and joins the growing list of Australian Bishops overdue for replacement. But who is counting?

In the developing twilight , things are happening, a rebel banner being hauled down and it seems likely a Queensland lead being adopted.

Rebel Banner

The Holy Name Parish Wahroonga Bulletin for 19th May,2013 the Feast of Pentecost reported two significant issues :



( VR  : Refer our Post " No More Lay Leadership - in Wahroonga at Least"

"Last October the Bishop commissioned a review of the particular
model of pastoral leadership that he had initiated in 2011 in two
parishes of the Diocese – namely, Holy Name Wahroonga and
The Lakes. He asked Ms. Patricia Bergin to conduct the review.
Ms. Bergin spent many days in November of 2012 working with
meetings, conversations and submissions, as well as all the documentation about the implementation of the model of pastoral
leadership, and submitted her report to the Bishop in January.
Commissioned by the Bishop, for the Bishop, the full report remains with the Bishop. In early April 2013 Ms. Bergin met with
those more directly involved in the initiative and with the Parish
Pastoral Councils of the two parishes involved and provided
them with an Executive Summary of the Report.

The Executive Summary dealt with the context of the initiative,
its implementation and its experience in the two parishes. The
report identified a number of key learnings about the initiative
and made a number of recommendations. The learnings dealt
with issues such as the need for an implementation committee of
wider scope and consultation, the need for lengthier and more
engaged processes for the selection of communities for such a
model, the need for greater formation and support of these communities and of the people involved in leadership roles, the need for clearer descriptions of roles and accountabilities.

Notwithstanding that the Review did not focus directly on canonical aspects of the model, the inherent difficulty of the interrelationship of non-ordained leadership and resident clergy working in the same context was also identified.

In light of the report, and in accepting its recommendations,
the Bishop has decided that the particular model of pastoral
leadership he initiated in 2011 not be re-introduced at Holy Name, and he has asked Fr. David to continue in his role at Holy Name.
Bishop David is grateful to Ms. Bergin for the extent of the Report and to all those who contributed to its process. ..."

(Emphasis added -VR)


Thus Bishop Walker's Rebel Banner of " Lay Leadership" has folded and can be carried off with him into retirement.

2. From Father David Ranson , Administrator : "On next Friday evening I travel to Zambia as guest of the Archbishop of Lusaka. Recently the Bishops of Zambia indicated their desire to form a partnership with our own diocese and Bishop David has asked me to join him in Lusaka to enter into conversation with the Zambian bishops about what might be possible in the future. Consequently I will be away from the parish next weekend. However, it is a very short visit: I will be back home the following Wednesday! Fr. Quang will “hold fort” in my absence.
However, do keep me in your prayer that my travels will be safe."


The Metropolitan Archdiocese of Lusaka contains 550,000 Catholics who constitute 24% of the total population of 2,290,000 citizens. The Archdiocese has 191 Priests for its 60 Parishes and it has 42 Seminarians ( including 5 new entrants this year). 

Broken Bay Diocese has 0 Seminarians and that has been the case for several years. 

Archbishop Mpundu is approx. 69 years old. He has had a difficult time since assuming the See of Lusaka ( which in now distant years had suffered the crazy Archbishop Milingo now either laicised or locked up somewhere). Archbishop Mpundu has firmly spoken out about Government failures in his country and agents of the Government sought to have the Holy See remove him but the Holy See, the Nuncio , the clergy and people stod firmly with him in the face of mobs of demonstrators purporting to be Catholics.

Lusaka Archdiocese has 7 Suffragan Dioceses , the most recent of which - Kabwe was carved off Lusaka only in 2011 .

There can be little doubt that the " partnership" spoken of concerns Priests and Seminarians possibly coming to Broken Bay. What Broken Bay might be able to provide Lusaka is not yet clear but one would hope it is not education resources from the Broken Bay Institute. 

No doubt this move has been prompted by observation of the success of Brisbane Archdiocese in securing brilliantly educated Priests and Seminarians from the Diocese of Umuahia , Nigeria and their excellent acceptance by the people of the Archdiocese. 

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