Friday, July 19, 2013


                                                         Now Archbishop Julian Porteous

Readers  will recall our post :   in which we once again drew attention to the lack of action on Episcopal vacancies in Australia  and the several Bishops serving well beyond their retirement dates including the Archbishop of Hobart.

The Holy Father has appointed Julian Porteous until now Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney to replace Archbishop Doyle in Hobart.

No doubt about it, Archbishop Porteous as he will be, will be an excellent appointment  for the Capital city of the island State of Tasmania. We congratulate him heartily , but note the disappointment of many, that he will no longer be available to replace Bishop David Walker of Broken Bay who retires in 115 days. 

At last we know that Cardinal Ouellet's "AUSTRALIA" File has been found  - having lamented its apparent loss in our Post only 3 days ago! Some of our readers will enjoy a good chuckle , still more will wonder what else might soon come from the same file?                                             

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