Wednesday, July 03, 2013


From the Left: BISHOP HEENAN(Rockhampton) , ARCHBISHOP COLERIDGE ( Metropolitan -Brisbane),
 and BISHOP Joseph Oudeman (Aux. Brisbane)

The Queensland Catholic Bishops recently met in Townsville together with the Nuncio. We do not know the detail of their discussions . But one can imagine that a certain amount of awkwardness was unavoidable in view of the fact that their host Bishop Michael Putney (centre in the above picture) is officially reported to be dying of inoperable cancer.Given that fact we had thought to see His Lordship lookig far worse than he does, but travel was thought too difficult for hi, so the Bishops and the Nuncio came to him.

And compounding that background issue, there is the fact that of the total of 5 Queensland Ordinaries, Bishop Heenan is awaiting ( since 4th August,2012) nomination of a successor,Bishop Putney is dying as we have said and considering the two Auxiliaries - one Bishop Brian Finnigan turns 75 on 25th August, 2013.  These are only a few of the Episcopal appointment issues lurking in Cardinal Marc Ouellet's "Australia" File.( One could mention Canberra-Goulburn, Wilcannia-Forbes,up-coming Broken Bay (132  days), Hobart (awaiting a successor since November 2011)

                         Episcopal Expressions : Bishops Foley, Heenan and archbishop Coleridge
                                       suggest something unusual in the proclamation?
The Nuncio Archbishop Paul Gallagher as Principal Celebrant

Metro[politan Archbishop Mark Coleridge preaching.
The picture shows clearly how small the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Townsville is. 

A very pleasant touch was added to the proceedings when the Nuncio read out a letter from Pope Francis assuring him that he was in the Holy Father's mind and prayers. It was warmly appreciated by the ailing Bishop Putney.

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