Tuesday, July 09, 2013



The old Daily Roman Missal you see in the picture above served me well and faithfully at daily Mass in Saint Stephen's Cathedral for the better part of twenty years. In that time, it slowly acquired holy pictures as  kind friends made little gifts, Priests and Bishops were ordained, friends and acquaintances and a few relatives died, and good pious folk passed on their favourite prayers.

This Daily Roman Missal was a warrior's Missal during the very worst days of the " Bathersby Years" in Brisbane Archdiocese, alerting me to every abuse of text and Rubric day by day.

The Daily Roman Missal had a fault in the binding in part of Hoy Week pages were missing and others repeated but I did not discover that until too late after purchasing it to complain. Then as the years took their inevitable toll, the binding gave way and the leatherette started to deteriorate. But by dint of careful attention , I was able to hold it together and use it until that fateful day when for one reason and another I had to drive a friend's car and pick up a Bishop from the Airport and drive him to his provincial diocese. His Lordship had come quickly through the formalities with his luggage which I carried to the car and put it in the boot (trunk for my North American readers) . I happened to be carrying the ancient Missal with its tattered ribbons , and in my haste to attend to His Lordship I placed it carefully in the boot where it could not get damaged - I thought.

It was a longish drive into the country and a hot Aussie day. When we arrived I took out the luggage , but to my horror silently noted that the Missal with its fine rice paper had absorbed all the moisture the luggage had sweated due to its rapid transition from the freezing cold of the plane's freight compartments to the sun -baked boot!

I could not afford to replace the Missal due to the high cost. And I missed it greatly .As the years went by the prospect of doing so receded further and further as times failed to improve.

Then a couple of weeks ago a very dear friend bought himself a new Daily Missal and offered me his old one which remained in very good condition. I was glad to agree to his kind offer. However, when he came to check it out before handover, he recalled a number of valued personal inscriptions and could not part with it. He then decided to give me a new Missal to make good on his offer and would NOT take "no" for an answer.

So to-day I began the task of "unloading " my ruined Missal for the new one, so behold!-just a portion of the items retrieved :

Oh I can well imagine the sneers of the New Church folk - as if any of them would read this Blog - except of course to " spy"on what the "enemy" is doing Lol! Each one is a treasured memory, an aid to devotion and an aide-memoire to pray for the donor.

I love my Catholic Faith. And I rejoice in once again having a Daily (if only " Weekday" Missal) Costs have been kept down by using normal as opposed to rice paper and this has made the Missal thicker, and, just incidentally of course given the Publishers the excuse to hive off the Sunday elements into a separate volume .Hmmmmm.

God Bless my Friend who is in my prayers each time the Missal is used.


Ramil said...

A shame to see such a wonderful book in the condition it is now in!

I personally enjoy, though, seeing the individual's life of prayer through the dog-eared pages, broken spines and rubber-banded missals or prayerbooks....it bespeaks a different era and spiritual health!

If you want a replacement, I'll send you a DRM via Fr. Adrian when he comes to Chicago....that poor thing is tragic looking! It needs to be laid to rest, well done good and faithful servant!

vexilla regis said...

God Bless you Father for your kind offer.But that won't be necessary, I only have the opportunity here to assist at the Novus Ordo each day and the new Blue covered Missal serves the purpose(though I miss the parallel Latin text. And when I do get the chance to attend Mass according to the 1962 Missal I have an Angelus Daily Missal thank Heaven.You are very kind.