Sunday, August 25, 2013


Sunday Mass heavily those words are freighted with significance for the faithful Catholic - memories even from earliest childhood,encounters with the Presence of God, inspirations and consolations in times of trouble, the joy of the company of friends and family in public worship, intimacy with Jesus Himself in Holy Communion,prayers to our Blessed Mother and favoured Saints, all these things come tumbling to mind.

BUT...this morning we had the grave misfortune to attend the monthly so-called "Family Mass" which previous experiences have led us to avoid. The customary advance warning was not given by my daughter who had overlooked it due to her busy family life.

All the usual suspects were there, with their Piano, Xylophone, Tambourine, Trumpet , gaunt insipid  no longer young men, the schoolteacherish young woman with head swinging long blonde hair, the dear little children doing the readings in high-pitched unintelligible fashion ( "Isn't he/she just sooooo cute?"). And the usual double clapping versions of syncopated pop rhythm songs with whining " we, we" words - all combining to turn the Sacred Liturgy into a parody of itself.

Thank Heaven our good young Curate who is obliged to suffer this trashing of the Liturgy under the current Parochial regime, was able to secure silence and attention for the Eucharistic Prayer.

At the end of the "performance" after the recessional song ( would you believe "Shine Jesus,Shine") and, as the last double clap faded away, the audience (hardly a congregation) clapped itself and the performers!

The urge I felt was to run out of that church and find a monastery to enter. How long O Lord, How long will you tolerate this hideous perversion of your Sacred Liturgy ? No one was brought closer to you, learned more about you,deepened their spiritual core. No, rather they slipped further down the self-deluding slippery slope away from that Catholicism which is the real thing.

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Kevin Burgess said...

Know the feeling! But then what do I know ? I'm usually told " I studied Theology for three years you know!"